Episcopal church of the Mediator



Fr. Les Singleton, Vicar
Church of the Mediator
(352) 466-3364 church

(352) 208-9582 cell
(352) 466-4055 home

1853 Presbyterian church organized in Micanopy.
1857 First Episcopal services held in Micanopy.
1873 Presbyterians acquired the lot on Cholokka Blvd. where the Church of the Mediator is located today. Shortly after, the Presbyterians built the wood-frame church that still stands today, now owned by The Episcopal Church.
1896 Episcopalians had a small frame church on the south side of Seminary Street, between Cholokka Blvd. and Division Street.
1910's Episcopal services ceased.
1920's Episcopal church building torn down.
1960's Presbyterian services cease, building on Cholokka St. is vacant.
1966 October 16, Episcopal services again conducted in Micanopy, with Archdeacon Fred Yerkes of Jacksonville. The name, Church of the Mediator, is a revival of the name of the earlier church.
1983 Easter Day, Fr. Les Singleton begins serving at the Church of the Mediator. On Dec. 16, 2007 he celebrates his 40th ordination anniversary.



Church of the Mediator
401 Cholokka Blvd.
P .O. Box 184, Micanopy, FL 32667
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